Welcome to our Coral Reef Conservation Program. As the key priority in the Coral World Park, we work with various organisations worldwide to bring together best practices to protect our reefs and replenish the fish stock of Asia. 

Protecting The Nursery of Marine Life

Palawan is the epicenter of Marine Life on earth and is part of the Coral Triangle of Asia. The Coral Reefs within this radius is the key conservation priority of the Coral World Park.

The CWP currently has 5 sites for Coral Reef Conservation efforts which include it's main island. By 2016, we will increase the conservation efforts to 10 sites with 2 key sites in the central and southern part of Palawan.

Stay tune for more updates of reef conservation technology we use and our latest partnership with the leading reef conservation organisation in the world today. 

Threats to the Coral Triangle

The biodiversity and natural productivity of the Coral Triangle are under threat from poor marine management (including coastal development, and overfishing and destructive fishing), lack of political will, poverty, a high market demand and local disregard for rare and threatened species, and climate change.

An estimated 120 million people live within the Coral Triangle, of which approximately 2.25 million are fishers who depend on healthy seas to make a living. These threats are putting at risk livelihoods, economies and future market supplies for species such as tuna. Studies have highlighted the alarming decline of coral cover in this region

[Please note that these figures were declared in the year 2000. It has increased dramatically since then on the Coral Triangle's impact in the region.]