The Coral World Park (CWP) is the largest Marine Reserve and Coral Reef Conservation program in Asia, comprising a cluster of 16 islands located in the western Philippines. It stretches 15,000 square miles from Coron town in the north to Puerto Princesa in the South with its center at the town of San Vicente in the province of Palawan.

The CWP was started in 2011 by the Singapore based Dr. AB Moñozca Foundation to address the conservation of coral reefs and its marine life amidst the threat of global warming and other issues threatening its pristine condition. The project is part of the foundation’s advocacy on Ocean Protection.

The CWP is part of the Coral Triangle of Asia, the center and nursery of marine life on planet earth. It hosts 76% of reef-building coral species, 35% of coral reef fish species together with 15 lakes, 42 ponds, 44 waterfalls, 72 natural  springs, 9 mineral springs, 28 principal rivers, 43 streams and 165 creeks. Its islands are mystical with limestone cliffs, hidden lagoons and white sand beaches . Other attractions include an animal reserve and over 40 world war 2 Japanese shipwrecks, making it the leading dive site in the region. 

Renowned underwater explorer Jacques Costeau has described Palawan as having one of the most beautiful seascapes in the world. Sprawled beneath the seas are nearly 11,000 square kilometers of coral reefs. Myriads of fish swim in these underwater gardens.

Palawan is one of the Last Unexplored Islands in the Pacific, as well as the location of the 1997 James Bond thriller "Tomorrow Never Dies." Jacques Cousteau remarked that Palawan was the most beautiful place he had ever explored. It is paradise on earth.

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Besides it's regular membership program for residents, the Coral World Park provides a term membership platform to enable ocean protection advocates to participate in its advocacy to conserve the coral reefs and its marine life.

As a term member, you will be provided with a CWP pack which includes a membership card, merchandise and your very own artificial reef submerged in a selected site at the CWP.

Other benefits include priority access to various events, tour packages which include airfare, cruises, hotel accomodations, transport services and various discounts for purchases in the CWP.

Members are given priority access to our key facilities in the Coral World Park.